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phantomreviewer  and I spent the day having a bit of the WhoFest which included a lot of UNIT (specifically The Three Doctors, Battlefield and The Sontaran Strategem/Poison Sky). During the course of this, we picked up a few pictures pertaining to our favourite couple.


 Colonel Mace saluting Ten (who doesn't deserve it)

I can see a Price and a Mace.

Not your best face Gerald


Mace's Shocked Face.

Price's Shocked Face

Gerald looks a little bit angry.

This is where everything goes to hell (with Bonus unwanted Ten).

"I am in charge aren't I? That means I can do what I like"

"I really hope you have a plan Gerald."

"TURN AND FACE ME SIR." (and this is why he's the Brig's equal)

"Now it's all up to the Doctor."  "Oh Crap"

"Has he set fire to the sky?"

"Geneva are going to have a few questions."

"Well it looks like he's done it again." "Yes it does."

"What the hell." *SNOG* <3 <3 (And so a fandom begins).

"Oh FUCK."

"I hear Vancouver is nice this time of year."

We can also safely say that while the Brig is still utterly glorious, Colonel Mace and Brigidier Bambera tie in the second place for most awsome UNIT leaders.