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Orders and Requests

So I promised phantomreviewer a Mace/Price fic. Well here it is.

What happened when Mace got transfered to Vancouver?


Orders and Requests.

 Marion peered blearily through the spy hole on her door, and saw a familiar shape on the other side. She opened the door and stepped outside, “Hello Gerald,” she said slowly.


“Good morning Marion,” Gerald replied, kissing her on the cheek.


She looked up at him, “What’s the matter?”


“Why do you assume something’s the matter?”


Marion looked at her watch, “Its eight o’clock on Saturday morning. Of course something is the matter.”


Gerald sighed, “Can I come in?”


A few minutes later, the pair were seated in Marion’s living room cradling cups of tea, “So what is it?” Marion asked at last. “Another invasion, new officers, what?”


Gerald sighed, “I’m being transferred.”


Marion laid down her tea cup, “Where to?”


“Vancouver. Canada.”


Marion walked over to him, and wrapped her arms around him, “Why?”


“Colonel Jenkins reached retirement age,” Gerald said simply, “They want me to take command. Though that is only one reason.”


“And the other?”


Gerald rubbed his shoulder, and ran a finger across the pale scar that ran across the back of his hand, and which Marion knew continued up his forearm, “Vancouver is a soft posting Marion,” he replied bitterly, “They don’t think I’ve recovered from,” he paused, “You remember.”


Marion certainly remembered, sitting in the wreckage of the Valiant, Gerald’s head in her lap as a piece of machinery crushed the life from him. “I remember,” she whispered. She looked at him, “When do you leave?”


“Two weeks,” he said. They sat in silence for nearly half an hour till Gerald spoke again, “Come with me.”

Marion looked up from her magazine, “Pardon?”


Gerald walked over and knelt down in front of her, “Come with me,” he said again, “To Vancouver.”


She looked at him, “And what would I do there,”


He waved his hand dismissively, “I can always find a position for a good officer.”


Marion looked down at him sadly, “I can’t Gerald.”


“Of course you can,” he said, “Just apply for a transfer.”


She shook her head, “I can’t,” she repeated.


“Why not?”


“Think about it,” she said, “How would you react if another officer appointed his girlfriend to a position, even if there were better candidates.”


Gerald looked away, “Your right of course. It would break too many rules.”


Marion nodded, “And that’s why I can’t go. Not even for you.”


He pulled himself up next to her, “Then let’s make the most of the time we have.”


Two weeks later, a group of UNIT officers were congregated in a hotel toasting Colonel Mace. “I can’t believe you organized this without me knowing about it,” Gerald whispered as another solider shook his hand.


“It was surprisingly easy,” Marion said, looping her arm though his free one, “Though the Medonite invasion helped.”


Gerald scanned the room, “And there are so many people.”


“You’re popular,” Marion looked at her watch, “When do you have to go.”


 “My flight is at ten,”


“We’d better get going then,” she said. Tapping the side of her glass, she called out, “Before we leave I’m sure you would all like to wish Colonel Mace the very best of luck.”


There was a round of cheering and some more hand shakes, before Gerald and Marion were able to extract themselves from the throng. Shortly after they were driving through London on the way to the airport.


Once they got there, Marion watched at Gerald booked himself in and then followed him to the departure gate. “You have got everything haven’t you?”


He held up a small hold all, “All the essentials. The rest of my stuff is onboard.”


“And I’ll ship your stuff tomorrow.”


“Thank you.” Gerald said shuffling uncomfortably. He had never looked less like a UNIT officer. From above them, an electronic voice announced his flight, “So this is goodbye.”


Marion sighed, and wiped a hand across her eyes, “I guess so,” she flung her arms around him, “Stay safe okay.”


He kissed the top of her head, “I will. I’ll ring you when I get there.”


She nodded, “Now go before I try and stop you.”


Gerald nodded and turned away, walking through the gates and towards the plane. Turning back at the door, he saw Marion waving sadly.


The next day, Marion got back from work to find a message from Gerald telling her that he had arrived and was settled. Silently she went about her evening, every so often glancing at a photo of Gerald.


A few weeks, Gerald’s replacement, Colonel Augustus Oduya arrived. He was a very different man from Colonel Mace, much more of a disciplinarian. Gerald had never been lazy when it came to the rules, but he was always friendly and was well liked by the men. Colonel Oduya made it clear very early on that he had no interest in making friends.


When he arrived, Marion led him on a tour of the base, “Is this what you call ordered,” he said staring at the papers littering his desk.


“Well Sir,” Marion began, “We have been very busy lately, what with the Draconian delegation and the Durander migration.”


“I don’t want to hear excuses Captain,” Oduya said, “Just make sure it’s done it future.”



“So how are you?” Gerald asked during one of his phone calls.


Marion sighed, “I’m okay I suppose.”


“What’s the problem?”


“Things are rather fraught at work at the moment,” she explained, “Colonel Oduya is not the …..easiest commanding officer.”


“Augustus is a very good solider,” Gerald said, “Your in very good hands.”


“I know,” Marion said, “But he isn’t you,” she was silent for a few moments, “I miss you.”


Gerald was silent, “I miss you too.”


The next day, Marion arrived at work to find everyone bustling around loading supplies into trucks, “What’s going on?” she asked Corporal Snow.


“Some sort of meteor,” he explained, “Landed somewhere in Devon. Oh and the Colonel wants to see you.”


Marion smoothed down her uniform, and hurried into the Colonel’s office, “You wanted to see me sir?”


Oduya nodded, “Doubtless you’ve heard of the meteorite crash in Devon.”


“Yes sir,” Marion said, “Corporal Snow just informed me.”


Oduya stood up and walked towards the window, “I want you to fly down there with an advanced recon team. See what it’s about.”


Marion straightened up, “Permission to speak freely sir.”




“Is that wise sir? We don’t know what’s down there.”


Oduya turned to her, “No we don’t. That is why you are going. You leave in half an hour.”


Marion saluted and left the office. Half an hour later she climbed into a helicopter and nodded at the pilot, “Morning King,”


Arthur Drake scowled, “What have I told you about that Captain?”

She smiled, “Sorry Arthur.”


He shook his head, “Already forgotten. So Devon?”


Marion nodded, “Yes please.”


An hour later, Arthur turned to her, “ETA ten minutes Captain. We’re just coming in over Ilfracombe.”


She nodded, but before she could say anything there was an ear-splitting screech and the helicopter lurched. Then the world went black.


When she regained consciousness, she found herself face to face with what seemed to be rock like snakes. After a little while she realised that they were actually made of rock.


Struggling to sit up she glared at them, “Who are you?”


Instantly the air around her buzzed, “Who are you?”


“I am Captain Marion Price of the Unified Intelligence Task Force. By Galactic Law I demand you tell me who you are.”


“We are the Shalka,” the creature hissed.


“What do you want?” she asked.


“Your planet,” the creature replied.


“Don’t you all?” she whispered before falling unconscious once more. When she next opened her eyes, she was in the back of an ambulance with Major Bullen standing over her. “What happened,” she moaned.


“When you didn’t report back we came down, found these Shalka.”




“Twelve wounded three dead.”




“In a coma.”


When they got back to headquarters, Marion stormed straight into Oduya’s office. “Ah Captain,” he began, but Marion held up a hand.

“Colonel,” she said firmly, “I just wanted you to know, that I will be placing full responsibility for this fiasco at your door in my report. If we had taken only a little while longer to find out what was going on, three less people would be dead.”


“Captain,” Oduya began.


“Goodbye Colonel,” Marion said heading to the door, “Oh and I’ll be requesting a transfer.”


When she got home, Marion rang Gerald. “Marion,” he said, “What’s the matter.”


“Nothing,” she said, “Do you still have room for a decent captain.”


In a house in Vancouver, Gerald Mace smiled, while the autumn leaves fell outside his window.


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Sep. 26th, 2009 08:10 pm (UTC)
Now I've read it.


Unexpected King Arthur Drake, :-) Wasn't expecting him but glad he's in. :-D

Awesome and believable!

Welcome to the squad!
Sep. 27th, 2009 11:04 am (UTC)
That's brilliant! I've got one that I'll be posting soon about Vancouver, but it's a very different plotline. Keep posting! :)
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