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The End Of Time- Vague Spoiler

Just a quick post (that I'll clean up when I can drag my eyes away from the screen for more than three seconds at a time -touch typing is a blessing- to edit it.) about the involvement of UNIT in the epic End Of Time.
I'm sure that if you've been watching the episode that there is a tangiable presence of UNIT (even if it is a bit Master-ified) now, my brain is telling me that UNIT leader is our own Colonel Mace. I mean, the outfit is a bit big for the Master and he does appear to be in charge of a large enough gang. No Marion-Master though, unless she's wearing the 'scrubs' which is a possibility but I doubt it.
Let's wait till the end of the episode shall we? Maybe we'll get a reveal. Again, I doubt it but still.
Right, cut back to the action.
Another Wilf and The Doctor moment. *wipes tears away*